I am a young, enthusiastic and creative videographer. I am fond of experimenting and working on new concepts and ideas.






ウクライナ Ternopil Obl


4K RAW Blackmagic Production Camera / Canon Mark II 5D / Canon L Lens


  • Pretty busty young blond woman in a swimming pool 48641184
  • Beautiful blond woman splashing in a pool at night - slow motion. 48641180
  • Flying over a steep mountainside with snowy trees - aerial view 47798782
  • Fiery trails of sparks in the darkness 47797584
  • Worker lighting up an acetylene torch for welding 47797583
  • A crate of green apples being tipped into water 47797580
  • Craftsman in a process of woodworking on wood lathe machine, viewed in close-up on hands and tool - 47771252
  • Aerial footage of snowy coniferous forest and wandering serpentine road in winter, shot vertically 47771251
  • Process of welding in close-up with hot metal sparks flashing in the dark 47744442
  • Fresh green apple fruits sorting on conveyer belt, viewed in close-up and selective focus 47744440
  • Happy agriculturist looking through papers outdoors among plants in the farm plantation on sunny and 47744439
  • Dolly out from between snowy trees in forest 47744437
  • Aerial view of a winter forest with mist and snow covered pine trees in an atmospheric cold seasonal 47711722
  • Burning blue gas. Focus on the front edge of the gas burners. 47122324
  • The payment for the spent gas. Man hands ticking money at gas stove 47122319