I am a young, enthusiastic and creative videographer. I am fond of experimenting and working on new concepts and ideas.






ウクライナ Ternopil Obl


4K RAW Blackmagic Production Camera / Canon Mark II 5D / Canon L Lens


  • A team of young tourists traveling to explore the cave and the depths of the earth 49940569
  • Tourists-speleologists with flashlights on the head pass into narrow caves of the secret and old 49925146
  • A couple of speleologists are exploring a cave. 49925145
  • The caveman conducts research of the breed in the cave 49925144
  • Exploring people going down to deep cave by Verteba Cave: a Subterranean Sanctuary of the Cucuteni 49925143
  • A group of young tourists go to the underground caves of ancient Trypillya culture. 49912124
  • A group of tourists are traveling in an underground cave with flashlights on helmets 49909553
  • The girl speleologist and her friends walk in an underground cave 49909551
  • A man counts one hundred dollar bills against the background of a lit gas stove with gas. Rec focus. 49907991
  • Gas stove with lighted the gas and receipt of payment of the debt of Ukrainian hryvnia banknotes of 49907988
  • Biologists take a sample of water that cracks down from the cracks in the rocks in the underground 49890819
  • Portrait of a woman biologist in a protective mask and a white dressing gown exploring an 49890817
  • Portrait of a female biologist in a protective mask and a white dressing gown in glasses, which 49890537
  • A female biologist records data in an underground cave with a dangerous virus and chemical 49890529
  • Scientists watch as water in underground caves is leaked through cracks in stones. Investigation of 49890526