I am a young, enthusiastic and creative videographer. I am fond of experimenting and working on new concepts and ideas.






ウクライナ Ternopil Obl


4K RAW Blackmagic Production Camera / Canon Mark II 5D / Canon L Lens


  • View of an empty corridor with benches 44491682
  • Walking slowly down a corridor hospital hall way with tiled floor and doors leading off on either 44491678
  • Woman in surgical scrubs at the end of hospital passage in a receding view standing in front of a 44491675
  • Beautiful sunset over the green large field. 44448095
  • Spraying hazardous substances near the big city. 44447087
  • Man checking screen behind a road tarring machine 44412094
  • Man in overalls standing alongside a tarred road 44412086
  • Workman standing in front of heavy duty machinery 44412083
  • Woman in uniform carrying paperwork 44412080
  • Solar panel installation in Indian village 44406536
  • Two engineers working on checking and maintenance equipment in a solar power plant 44406534
  • Two engineers are conducting outdoor inspection of solar photovoltaic panels 44406532
  • Technician inspecting solar panels 44406525
  • Engineer or electrician working on replacement solar panel at solar power plant, working on repair 44406524
  • Woman driving car to work on sunny day 44374433