Shirokuma Mediaさんのプロフィール

Shirokuma Media is based in Osaka, Japan. We aim to provide quality stock footage that captures authenticity and imagination. Shirokuma Media creates content for tourism, business, lifestyle, sports, and other.


  • Aerial of vineyard in Australia. 43629320
  • aerial view of Yarra Valley vineyard, Australia 43629319
  • aerial view of vast expansive Australian country. 43629318
  • aerial view of beautiful vineyard in Yarra Valley, 43629317
  • aerial view of Yarra Valley, Australia 43629316
  • aerial view of Yarra Valley vineyard, Australia 43629315
  • Beautiful drone shot of vineyard in Yarra Valley,  43629314
  • aerial view of sunrise in Yarra Valley, Australia 43629313
  • aerial view of country town in Yarra Valley. 43629312
  • Successful Japanese talking on his phone. 40713825
  • Serious Japanese business man outside office tower 40713822
  • Japnese business man outside office tower. 40713817
  • Japanese business meeting finished. 40713816
  • Japanese business man using outdoor escalator. 40713814
  • Japanese business man talking business on phone. 40713813