Shirokuma Mediaさんのプロフィール

Shirokuma Media is based in Osaka, Japan. We aim to provide quality stock footage that captures authenticity and imagination. Shirokuma Media creates content for tourism, business, lifestyle, sports, and other.


  • International tourists enjoying street food, Kyoto 48314513
  • Fashionable female tourist enjoying street food. 48314512
  • Woman walking through beautiful fall in Kyoto. 48312930
  • Attractive international girls walking at temple. 48312929
  • Attractive international women enjoying Fall. 48312928
  • Attractive women enjoying Fall in Kyoto, HD, slow. 48312927
  • International tourists visiting beautiful temple. 48312926
  • Two female friends washing hands at Kyoto temple. 48312924
  • Tourists in Kyoto trying Japanese street food. 48202538
  • International Friends in Kyoto with Fall leaves. 48202537
  • Girls praying at shinto shrine in Kyoto Japan. 48202535
  • Beautiful women posing for camera with foliage. 48202534
  • Aerial view time lapse of downtown Namba, Osaka. 47856528
  • Osaka city aerial time lapse, HD. 47856527
  • Aerial view of Osaka city, busy road time-lapse. 47848050