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  • Old man sleeping in bed in the morning, recovery 39206749
  • Depressed senior person sitting in bed and 39206738
  • Elder lying in bed, unable to calm down and fall 39206485
  • Old man enjoying sleeping comfort due to 39206484
  • Man basking in bed rejoicing at new orthopedic 39206475
  • Pensioner stretching in his bed after awakening in 39206474
  • Top view of happy aged male lying in his bed and 39206473
  • Male pensioner sweetly sleeping in bed, enjoying 39206472
  • Senior male waking up and smiling after 39206471
  • Happy senior male waking up in good mood at home 39206470
  • Retired man waking up active and full of energy 39206469
  • Aged male loudly snoring and puffing in bed 39206464
  • Senior man smiling while asleep in the morning 39206457
  • Close-up of female hands scrolling on smartphone 39206456
  • Woman choosing salad recipe on smartphone at the 39206455


  • Important index highlighted in annual business 39205297
  • Stock market crash, figures dropping on ticker 39205296
  • Stock exchange indices rise and drop on ticker 39205295
  • Financial information in figures on stock market 39205294
  • Quote change data on realtime stock market ticker 39205293
  • Financial data change highlighted in electronic 39205292
  • Best result in annual export outlook 39205291
  • Government debt shown in financial statistics 39205290
  • Debt for public housing and utility services 39205289
  • Company data in business accounting software 39205288
  • State economics revival, company assets price 39205287
  • Rise and fall curves on electronic diagram 39205286
  • Statistics data chart shows yearly production 39205285
  • Computer graphs of country's GDP growth, economic 39205284
  • Corporate business plan presentation, bar chart 39205283


  • Cheerful Muslim lady in cafe chatting on phone,  48016590
  • Crying unhappy pregnant lady taking sedative,  48011067
  • Divorced lonely pregnant touching her belly,  48011066
  • Surrogate mother suddenly smiling feeling baby  48011065
  • Poor lonely pregnant lady looking at coins on  48011064
  • Crying unhappy pregnant lady counting coins on  48011063
  • Ultrasonographic picture on table near depressed  48011062
  • Depressed pregnant surrogate mother holding pink  48011061
  • Crying pregnant woman holding pink socks,  48011060
  • Upset pregnant suffering loneliness in rehab  48011059
  • Frustrated surrogate mother looking at dollar  48011057
  • Young unhappy pregnant widow looking at photo in  48011056
  • Lonely abandoned pregnant female throwing photo  48011055
  • Depressed lady tearing ultrasonographic picture  48011053
  • Crying pregnant lady talking on phone, receiving  48011052