• Kourion Cyprus Theatre Ruins of the ancient 32144296
  • POV shot Walk along the stony sea coast with large 32144243
  • Descent down the stairs of the ancient 32144180
  • Car wheels move along the road in the suburb area 32144177
  • SLOW MOTION little boy is walking with uncertain 32144171
  • POV Way of someone to the magnificent beautiful 32144164
  • Rapidly descend the steps of the ancient ruined 32144160
  • POV Tourists walking through ancient ruins 32144156
  • Black car in motion on an asphalt road. View from 32144152
  • Walk through the ancient ruined buildings of 32144142
  • Tracking shot Movement along the steps of the 32144139
  • Wheels of the car are moving along a dirt road 32144137
  • Walk along the bridge to sea in an ancient 32144134
  • POV Rise on the stairs in the antique building 32144131
  • Climbing up the stairs of the amphitheater in a 32144129