• Beach behind the natural arch in rock at a sea shore. Palinuro, Italy. Aerial shot 46891090
  • Flying away from steep rocks above turquoise waters of a sea. Aerial shot of Italian coastlaine in 46891088
  • Quiet morning at sea bay. Small houses among trees on mediterranean coast. 46891087
  • Rain drops fall down and wash fan palm leaf during summer storm. Slow motion, close up 46891086
  • Seagulls soar over clear sea waters along mountainous sea shore with houses on slopes 46891084
  • Dark cloud over blue sea and shoreline with hotel and resort buildings. Aerial shot 46891082
  • Two white pedalos float on turquoise sea along sandy beach with resorts. Aerial shot of Italian 46891080
  • Two pedal boats float on clear turquoise sea waters by sandy beach of Italian resort. Aerial shot 46891078
  • Sunset over the sea. Sunlight blinks on water surface. Gentle surf rolls on sandy beach 46890966
  • Adolescent black dog walks on beach sniffing something in sand and stones 46890962
  • Waves roll on sand and pebble stones on a sea shore. Water reflects sunset light 46890959
  • Pink sunset sky over the sea. Waves roll on sand and pebbles on a coast 46890957
  • Moving in car by rocky slopes. Mountain tops covered with gray clouds. Side window view 46890954
  • Standing inside big grey cloud on a mountain top. Low visibility in myst 46890952
  • Driving along the mountaing road among trees. Gray clouds close the sky. POV shot 46890949