Dear friends, welcome to my page.
To create the video I use the Canon EOS C300 Cinema camera
I try to do only high-quality video and hope not to disappoint customers


  • Young woman in glasses reads a book in the park. Sits near a tree, beautiful light before sunset 45409391
  • Silhouette of a successful woman in the airport terminal. Waiting for the flight uses a smartphone 45409386
  • People at the airport terminal are waiting for the flight. Use devices, looking through the windows 45409385
  • A woman in a business suit takes a photograph of a sunset in a window. In an office building or 45409384
  • Woman enjoys laptop and drinks coffee at airport terminal 45387814
  • Two farmers man and woman standing in a wheat field watching the sunset. Lower view angle 45332940
  • A young woman holds an elderly lady's hand. Granddaughter holds the hand of his baushka in his hands 45332938
  • Plant a tomato seedlings in the ground. Hands gently press the ground around the young sprout 45332936
  • Female hands in gloves plant a small plant in the garden 45332935
  • The hands of the elderly man and the girls next to him hold a ripe strawberry. The harvest of 45332933
  • The berries of gooseberries ripen in the sun. 45332927
  • Silhouette of a woman with a rifle. It stands in a picturesque place at sunset. Sports shooting and 45332925
  • A flock of pink American Flamingos grazing in the water 45293723
  • A group of beautiful American flamingos grazing in green undergrowth. Stand in shallow water 45293713
  • Fire hydrant in the background of a busy street in Toronto 45293712


  • A dog in a carnival mask lies by the fireplace, a glass stands next to it. Holiday theme with pets 44628939
  • Portrait of a shepherd dog by the fireplace. Behind the lights are visible lights on the Christmas 44628937
  • Cute dog with a red bow sees by the fireplace. Christmas theme with animals 44628528
  • Shepherd in a festive cap sweetly dozing by the burning fireplace. Near it lies a crust with a gift 44628526
  • Hand with a glass of white wine on the background of the vineyard, the setting sun beautifully 44602688
  • A woman writes the address on the parcel, stands in the post office on the background of mailboxes 44600678
  • Attractive woman looks through letters in the post office on the background of mailboxes 44600675
  • Cat plays with a newborn puppy. Funny videos with animals 44584370
  • Two shepherds waiting for their owner in the car 44584366
  • The dog travels in the car, sits next to the driver. The windshield reflects trees 44584364
  • Funny brown dog in sunglasses rides on the hands of the owner. Ride with a pet in the car 44575530
  • Woman farmer walking among the rows of a vineyard at sunset. Handheld shot 44575529
  • Farmer's hands on the steering wheel of a small tractor, controls agricultural equipment in the 44575528
  • Farmer's hands on the wheel of a tractor, rides along the vineyard 44575527
  • The dog travels with the owner in the car. The pet is wearing sunglasses 44575525