• Close-up, Oil Pouring into a Bowl of Milk 49753423
  • Close-up, Women's Hands Break the Eggshell and the Egg Protein Falls into a Bowl of Milk 49753422
  • Slow Motion, Egg Protein Drops in Bowl with Ingredients for Dough 49753420
  • Close-Up, Woman Puts A Portion Of Cheese Paste On A Plate 48848929
  • Close-Up, Portion of Cheese Paste Lay in a Plate 48848926
  • Female Hands Close Up Dusting Garlic Dish with Paste 48848129
  • Close-Up, Directions, Woman's Hand Sprinkles Cheese Dish with Pasta 48848108
  • View From Above, Woman Puts Dish with Pasta in the Oven 48848084
  • Woman's Hand Stir Paste in Glassware 48847244
  • Close-Up, Woman's Hand Lays Cheese Balls onto Pasta 48847243
  • Close-Up, Top View, Woman's Hand Spread Cheese Balls on Pasta 48847241
  • Closeup of Woman's Hand Decorate Dish with Tomato Paste 48847235
  • Close-Up, Women Hand Sprinkle Salt Dish with Paste 48847234
  • Close-Up, Directions, Woman's Hand Sprinkles Spices Dish with Paste 48847223
  • Close-Up, Woman Dispenses Olive Oil Over Glass Bottles 48383992