• timelapse automated production line in factory workshop 48109593
  • timelapse worker loads plastic tanks into production line 48109589
  • timelapse workers level floor and install walls in shop 48109575
  • timelapse stage building and disassembly in sports complex 48104044
  • slow motion to designer drawing hockey champions in workshop 48104043
  • timelapse building of modern concert hall with large stage 48000849
  • timelapse building of park on embankment throughout year 47898463
  • timelapse building of sports field on area throughout year 47898462
  • timelapse installation of pump jack throughout months 47898460
  • timelapse production line transports bulks in workshop 47898459
  • closeup red flower with sparkling water drops on petals 47730915
  • macro artist makes sunflower with plasticine and tool 47730912
  • closeup man makes plasticine stripes for toy bee at table 47730910
  • close view constructor works on project drawing with tools 47730908
  • close view man hands sculpt bare tree with brown play dough 47673396