• red tipper truck drives along highway against blue sky 44472697
  • red truck drives to special scales and stops against grey sky 44472677
  • workers install design elements inside future shopping mall 44377575
  • close view technician grinds lorry metal body in workshop 44331494
  • employee unscrews part in old lorry switch board with wires 44331492
  • close view cutting machine operates with used tires in shop 44331490
  • motion to bright boy and girl children room with funny toys 44331488
  • worker puts long metal shaft inside cylindrical truck part 44331487
  • motion past employee grinding painted lorry cabin door in shop 44331486
  • close view metal machine moves and pours small tire pieces 44331485
  • backside view worker in mask paints lorry body with sprayer 44331484
  • closeup large powerful lorry pistons on workshop stand 44331483
  • toy tipper truck with pan in workbody stands on blue bag chair 44331481
  • rubber parts stack in polyethylene cover transported by forklift 44331480
  • closeup worker cleans truck case with special machine tool 44331479