• close view milling machine operates with white round detail 45970022
  • close view machine with cooling water operates with detail 45970019
  • panorama cooling tower at white light and rising steam cloud 45969585
  • camera rises above cooling tower at plant in early morning 45969580
  • side view lab assistant puts cylinder into examine device 45969577
  • aerial motion around cooling tower at bright projector light 45969566
  • close view yellow liquid in bottle shaken by test appliance 45868526
  • aerial panorama evergreen and gold deciduous forest 45844237
  • upper view green and yellow autumn wood crossed by highway 45844236
  • aerial view pine and gold birch wood with ashes sites 45844235
  • panoramic view large mixed forest and tranquil lake 45844234
  • upper view wild forest with ashes and highway at quiet lake 45844233
  • aerial panorama wood with logged glades and city at lake 45844232
  • aerial view large city at green and gold forest on lake bank 45844229
  • bird eye view logged glades among pine and birch wood 45844228