• large rollers and stripe of white polyester material closeup 49588090
  • tractor drives along gas and oil refinery plant area on day  49587703
  • production line and equipment operates with metal sheets 49559331
  • motion along modern grey refrigerator with closed doors 49559311
  • open domestic fridge with different products on shelves 49559292
  • motion to cute white cat sitting on backrest of blue chair 49559289
  • man goes up stairs decorated with marble tile headcam 49559287
  • motion above production line and workers in workshop 49558739
  • hot press and rollers operate with piece of plastic closeup 49558730
  • set of metal details for domestic fridges on table closeup 49558727
  • motion up along fridge shelves full of delicious food 49558726
  • metal device with oil inside at industrial complex closeup 49558724
  • young businessman comes into elevator slow motion backside 49204869
  • close view hand swipes contactless key to tourniquet panel 49204868
  • closeup worker fills plastic cup with cold water from cooler 49204867