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There's a wide range of shots here so I'm sure you'll find some that suit your needs. I shoot in 4K and resize to HD, which produces very sharp video. Enjoy :)


  • Passing Through Woodland At Dusk 41628871
  • Shallow River Bed Rippling At Night 41628870
  • Moving Above Forest Floor In The Evening 41628867
  • Book Picked Up Off Old Dusty Table In Candlelight 41628778
  • Looking Up At Tree Branches In The Dark 41628777
  • Many Delicious Hot Donuts 41628776
  • Passing Gravel Stones Closeup 41628774
  • Magic Gold Ring Glowing Underwater 41556081
  • Football Hits The Net With Camera Flashes 41556080
  • Slow Motion Football Hits Net With Camera Flashes 41556079
  • Passing Delicious Mixed Donuts 41556078
  • Lots Of Glazed Donuts 41556005
  • Passing Box Of Donuts 41556004
  • Weathered Fishing Boats In The Harbor At Night 41555992
  • Gliding Along Tree Lined Road At Night 41555991