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There's a wide range of shots here so I'm sure you'll find some that suit your needs. I shoot in 4K and resize to HD, which produces very sharp video. Enjoy :)


  • Water Fountain Statue Closeup 39251160
  • Typical London Buildings With Flag Blowing 39251029
  • Passing Old Historic Gate 39251028
  • London Skyline With Flag Blowing 39251027
  • Dramatic View Of Buckingham Palace 39251026
  • Smoke Alarm Flashing On Ceiling Tracking Shot 39179254
  • Large Old Water Fountain With Ducks 39179252
  • Historical Water Fountain With Mermaid 39179251
  • Historical Gold Gates In Snowfall 39179249
  • Water Fountain With Old Man Face 39179238
  • Passing Ornate Metal Railings With Snow Falling 39179237
  • Canadian Embassy Building With Flags 39179236
  • Union Jack Flag Blowing Around 39138997
  • Park Scene With Many Daffodils In The Spring 39138995
  • Lots Of Daffodils In Gentle Breeze 39138994